My main research fields are the Economics of Technical Change and Economic Growth; Firm-Level Data Analysis; Bayesian Econometrics; and Information Theory. The following is the list of published journal articles, book chapters, and working papers. I also include some ongoing projects in Work in Progress section.

Journal Articles

1. Ilan Strauss & Yang, J., Slowing Investment Rates in Developing Economies: Evidence from a Bayesian hierarchical modelInternational Review of Financial Analysis, 2021 (forthcoming).

2. Yang, J. and Carro, A.“Two Tales of Complex System Analysis: ABM and MaxEnt,”  European Physical Journal: Special Topics, 2020.

3. Scharfenaker, E and Yang, J., “Maximum Entropy Economics,” European Physical Journal: Special Topics, 2020.

4. dos Santos, P. and Yang, J., “Capital Mobility, Quasi-rents, and the Competitive Self-organization of Distributions of Profitability,” Advances in Complex Systems,  2020.

5. Yang, J. and Torres, D., “The Persistent Statistical Structure of the US Input-Output Coefficient Matrices: 1963-2007,”  Economic Systems Research, 2019

6. Yang, J., “A Quantal Response Statistical Equilibrium Model of Induced Technical Change in an Interactive Factor Market: Firm-Level Evidence in the EU Economies,” Entropy, 2018

7. Yang, J.,  “Information-Theoretic Approaches in Economics, The Journal of Economic Surveys, 2018

Working papers

1. Yang, J., “Information-Theoretic Model of Induced Technological Change: Theory and Empirics”,  Under Review.

2. Torsten Heinrich, Yang, J., Shuanping Dai, Levels of structural change: An analysis of China’s development push 1998-2014,  Under Review.

3. Yang, J., Torsten Heinrich, and Julian Winkler, François Lafond, Pantelis Koutroumpis, and Doyne Farmer, Measuring Productivity Dispersion: a Parametric Approach Using the Levy α-Stable Distribution,in  preparation  (new version)

4. Ilan Strauss & Yang, J., Corporate Secular Stagnation: Empirical Evidence on the Advanced Economy Investment Slowdown,” in  preparation (new version)

5. Yang, J., Luis Daniel Torres Gonzalez, Advait Rajagopal, “Economic development and the structure of input-output linkages,” in  preparation 

Work in Progress

  1. “Information-Constrained Behavior, Technological Frontier, and Equilibrium:  Theory and Simulations”
  2. Heterogeneity and Persistence of Product Price Changes,” with
    Valentina Semenova, François Lafond, and Doyne Farmer
  3. “Heterogeneity and Persistence: Frequency distributions of firm-level variables,” with Torsten Heinrich
  4. Hierarchical maximum entropy estimation with a heavy-tail density
  5. “Bayesian Meta-Analysis of Impact of Innovation”
  6. “Analyzing Financial Statements using Information Theory: Going beyond Henri Theil”

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